How to make money online by selling items? In an age of new technology earnings in the Internet is attracting more and more people, it's most convenient type of activity because you can choose for yourself at work, you can also earn online, no firing from the main work and there is a big plus ...

 There are many ways to make money online. But more, let's see how to make money online by selling items ...

 Of course, the first day to earn big money by selling their articles can not. To achieve the desired success requires a lot of effort and patience, and most importantly - the desire to become a successful copywriter.

 An interesting and unique content - is the foundation of any successful website. Interesting content for webmasters and get paid. But if you decide to give someone else's story for her, then you will not. Because there are special programs that check code for uniqueness.

So, there are three types of writing articles is - rewriting, copywriting and translation well with foreign languages.

Rewriting - it is a retelling of an existing text in your own words. Such texts are valued at less than the original. But you do not need to search for materials and information and for the article.

Copywriting - writing is unique, new articles. Copywriting is valued much higher than rewriting.

Well, if you have a any foreign language, you can translate articles from other languages. Because Runet - this is only part of the World Wide Web and a lot of interesting things written in other languages.

For writing articles neobhdimo have at least some knowledge and ability to write, it is desirable competently.

Articles can be written to order or just write on any topic. In the first case, the customer gives you a topic for writing, the approximate volume and price calls. After the order, the customer pays you money for your work, if it suits all. Well, in the second case, you can choose a topic for writing, writing an article, specify how much and expose it for sale.

You can sell your articles on so-called exchanges of content. You simply register at any exchange of content and start selling your articles. Better to start small in terms of writing articles and do not use too high a price.

Also, you can sell your articles to sites through freelancers. Here you sign up, offer your services and wait for customers. But here the important role played by portfolio. In the portfolio you can place already sold the paper.

Orders usually appear when you find out about. If you do not have at least a small portfolio it will be a very long time ...


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