How to make money online and in real life? The World Network is full of questions and topics about earnings. Want to earn the bulk of the Internet. Let's compare the real and virtual income. Let's try to understand how money is made ...

 Most people I know in real life, constantly murmuring: "I have money," "Where can I get money," etc. Once imposed by the question: "What do you do?" Or "What do you know how that would make?". Almost all respond that they are working at the plant, the company and get paid. But as it is never enough.

 Wages - the price of your skills assessed by the employer.
By the way, does not handle the bulk of their money. Sitting or using work time for personal purposes. But there are exceptions. These people in their free time and weekends, trying to earn some money.
Repairing the computers, install or repair plumbing, digging a hole. Anything, just to make money. People use their skills and craftsmanship to produce, or any, income.
And so, that would earn, it is necessary to be able to something! Draw your own conclusions, gentlemen.
And what about the earnings on the Internet?
You are a professional in online games and earn? Do not believe it! Leveling, sell game currency, valuables, etc.
You have created several websites or blogs, but there is no income. How can this be? Work on the reservation, affiliate programs and advertising.
You know how to properly express their thoughts on paper or you can sell goods in short? Copywriter - there are no unemployed.
In the end, you days and nights typing the captcha (the set of numbers and letters) and do not hear ringing in their wallets cents?
Only one conclusion. Your knowledge is superficial and can not generate income. You have nothing to offer the employer or client! Millions of people like you. If you think that money will fall from the sky (virtual spaces) gift - you freeloader.
Freebie and earning things are not compatible!
Is that ... if you already have saved some money, then you can it is profitable to invest and live on the interest, but it also needs knowledge and experience .
In summary, I can confidently say that the real and virtual income on the basis of the same. Money earned through hard work and knowledge. Skills and continuous work to bear fruit. Learn to work hard and reap for their efforts.
And then be filled with your wallets, coins and banknotes rustling ringing. And the work you will not be a burden, but a pleasure. Good luck and prosperity!


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