How to make money on his new project on the Internet. Want to earn on your site and do not know how? I will say a few words on the subject from my personal experience. So, you have a lot of free time, you want to discover the extra money, then go ahead ...

      For starters, you need an interesting subject for the site, this is the main component in your success. From interesting topics people will visit your content on a daily basis and recommend to your friends, your count if a visitor would though, would be a friend, your stats will increase by two.

 Of course to your site have been regular visitors, you need to update daily with new sensations of your content. When attendance reached 150-500 people a day, feel free to hang the advertising on the main page, this will be your income.

 This simple way is promotion of other sites, you can use the same ads, but will have to invest a certain sum to you have at least some users.

 Then be sure to index your site «Google» and "Yandex" so that people do find you need them on the subject.

 Another very good way to make money is to put ads on your site for google and more.

 One you will be hard to manage the site, so you need to find a helper who will assist you in moving and editing of posts, and other areas of the guest.

 The main highlight not only the theme on your site, but also design, so it must have a unique character suitable for the theme of your site.

 The key to success there is a time when all these details are taken into account, will miss at least one little thing and think that your works have been in vain, keep everything as I recommended above, and I guarantee that your project will be successful, good luck in business ...


 Founded in 2006, Wix provides a simple mechanism for anyone to create Flash-based websites. Users can customize their Wix websites with a drag and drop editing tool and pretty templates,making the site user-friendly for users who may not be tech savvy. The site makes its money from a freemium model where users pay for extra customization and design features.

 Over the course of 2010 Wix, which has nine million users, has doubled in size and the company added a West-coast branch to its existing Tel Aviv and New York offices. To date, Wix has developed 8.5 million individual sites.

 But making a big bet on flash websites is a risk when you consider mobile. Many companies are scrapping Flash all together and betting on HTML5. Wix founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami tells us that Flash is the best platform for websites being viewed on PCs and other computers but that Wix will be rolling out a mobile site creator in the next few months, which will leverage HTML5 technology for mobile devices (a.k.a. will work on iOS devices). The company is also launching a Facebook application that allows users to integrate Wix websites with their fan pages.

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Start your website 

 Today we'll be talking about how to get some of your own virtual real estate.After you have chosen a good domain name and registered it (as we talked about on Day 2), you should begin the next step, which is getting a "web host" for your site.

What exactly is a web host?

By definition, it is a service that allows you to upload and store

a website's documents and related files on a web server. But in
normal terms, it's the way you put up a website online so people
can find it. Every website you have ever been to is hosted

Here are some good tips when looking for a webhost:

1) Speed

You need to consider how fast the servers are so people can quickly
load and view your site when they visit it. Although bandwidth and
connections are major factors, server speeds are equally important.

2) Customer Service

Service is another important aspect to consider when shopping for a
host. Hosts offer a variety of customer service options. Services
offered can be 24-hour toll free number, 24-hour email help, live
help chat, frequently asked questions pages and help forums. The
more options they have the better.

3) Reliability

Checking out the reliability of a service is also very important.
Good hosts usually have several backup systems in case something
goes wrong with the main servers. They also promise very little
"down time" with backup power systems.

Lucky for you, I've already done all the hard work and found the
very best host, so you won't need to go searching for one.

It's called HostGator:         CREATE YOUR  WEBSITE 

They are very popular and come very highly recommended. I
personally have two accounts with them. Their speed, reliability,
and customer service are top of the line. Plus you can host
unlimited sites on one account and their prices are incredible.

Alright, let's take a quick recap for the day...

1) You must have a web host to have an online presence
2) Speed is very important when choosing a host
3) Customer service must be top notch
4) Very high "uptime" is required
5) HostGator is the best.
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