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  Megamillions: An American inter-state lottery. Currently holds the record for the largest lottery win in the world ($390 million) 

USA Powerball: Another American inter-state lottery. Currently holds the record for the largest lottery win by a single ticket holder ($340 million)

 Both of the above lotteries offer an annuity or a cash option. The cash option will be less than the annuity option. Other big jackpots for lottery affiliates to promote include: 

Euromillions: A pan-European lottery involving a number of European countries. The biggest European jackpot even won was €183.5 million.

SuperEnaLotto: The Italian lottery famous for its three draws per week and continual rollovers. Having to match 6 balls out of 90 makes it difficult to win which is why the biggest jackpot win is so high (€177.7 million) 

 UK National Lottery: At one point the UK Lottery had paid out the biggest jackpot win in Europe (£42 million). The UK Lottery is a favourite the world over and has a simple 4/49 format. 

Australian Oz Lotto: The biggest jackpot win paid out by an Australian lotto was AUS $106 million won on the Oz Lotto. 
Buy lotto tickets and take your chance

Reading some of the above winning lottery jackpot amounts seems unreal. The jackpot amounts defy belief but amazingly it is true – real people win this real money! What the lottery winners do with the cash after their big lottery jackpot wins is another story but one thing is clear, you have to be in it to win it. 

You can be in it by going to and getting your tickets for many of the above lotteries like Megamillion, Powerball, SuperEnaLotto, Euromillions, the UK National Lottery, Oz Lotto and other big jackpot lotteries like the El Gordo, the France Loto, SuperLotto Plus and the Australian Powerball.
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